Why Your Water Pressure Is Low

You might turn the tap on in your shower, bathroom or kitchen and find that the water pressure is low. While you might just brush this off as nothing major, it could highlight problems elsewhere in your plumbing system. There are few reasons on why you are facing low water pressure problems in your Brighton, Armadale or Richmond home. These reasons include:

  • An undetected leak somewhere.
    There is always a chance the low pressure you are facing in your home is because there is a leak somewhere and the water flow isn’t going through correctly. This could be a considered a blessing in disguise, as it will highlight to you that there is a potential leak happening somewhere in your internal plumbing system.

  • There is a blockage somewhere.
    Much like a leak, a blockage somewhere in the pipes could be limiting the flow of water to your taps. A clear flow of water out of your taps should be the norm, but if the water pressure is low, there is a chance that the pipes are blocked up. Once again, like leaks, you could be alerted to the danger somewhere else in your home.

  • There is a problem with your water heating.
    This relates more with your hot water tap. If you notice that the flow of your hot water tap is lower compared to your cold water, there is the chance that your hot water system could be facing some blockage or issues. Take a look at it before moving onto other suspected problems.

  • There could be problems with the whole system.
    Sometimes it has nothing to do with your own plumbing, but rather the system by the council. Have your house checked out by a professional and if you see that everything is alright, then move onto the potential that it could be council’s system. Speak to them directly and ask them to check it out for you.

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