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With over 40 years experience in fixing and helping customers from around Melbourne, Endeavour Plumbing has the expertise, quality and dedication to ensure that regardless of what plumbing issue you are facing, we can take it on and effectively complete it.

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plumber endeavour hillsLeaking Taps

Taps that leak are annoying, a waste of money and more importantly a waste of water (which leads to more money being wasted). Taps can begin leaking for numerous reasons: there can be loose parts, worn out seals, problems with the O ring and unfortunately for some, there could be problems in the internal plumbing system.

Regardless of where these leaky taps are happening (under the kitchen sink, the bathroom, the washer and so forth), Endeavour Plumbing can fix it. We can fix any leaking tap problem so that it is nipped there and then, and won’t bother you again.

Burst Pipes

When it comes to common plumbing problems, a burst pipe has established itself as a nuisance for people. The reasons for a burst pipe could be between the water freezing and expanding forcing the pipe to explode or there is a blockage that forces the pipe to erupt.

Regardless, having burst pipe is an annoying and dangerous problem to have around your house or office.

Here at Endeavour Plumbing, not only we will fix up the burst pipe and ensure that it will not happen again, we will look deeper into the problem to see if it is a recurring issue and stop it there.
Blocked Drains

Throughout a regular day, drains intake hundreds if not thousands of litres of water. Eventually through a combination of food, grime, hair and other objects and materials, drains get blocked.

A blocked drain can become a big problem. Firstly, block drains cause an terrible odour to come back out from your water and sewer system. Secondly, in the long term water from the blocked drains can leak into the foundations of the house. Finally, blocked drains can be dangerous to your family as water might become tainted and harmful.

At Endeavour Plumbing, we understand the problems with a blocked drain, which is why we have the right tools for the job. Thanks to our updated CCTV Sewer Inspection service, we can find the blockage, remove it and ensure it does not happen again.

Tapware & Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a very intricate system of pipes all condensed into one room. The issue is that with so many pipes, drains and tapware into one room, there are bound to be problems.

A leaky shower, a dripping tap, a overflowing bathtub, the list goes on and on. Yet, regardless of what issue you are facing in your bathroom, here plumber in Melbourne at Endeavour Plumbing, we can take on the task.

Our aim will be to fix the issue so that it won’t happen again, because we understand how annoying a broken bathroom could be.


Toilets have a tendency to play up. There are times when the water runs constantly through it and doesn’t stop. There are other times when the toilet tank is overflowing. Sometimes, the flush is too weak that nothing gets through.

There are a range of issues with toilets that could spring up unannounced. And the last thing you want broken in your home is a toilet.

At Endeavour Plumbing, we understand the problems with a troublesome toilet. That’s why we have developed the skills and the expertise to handling any toilet issue with exact precision, so that you will have a clean and smooth-running toilet.

Look no further for a dependable Plumber in Canterbury, Plumber in Carnegie, and Plumber in Caulfield. Our skilled team is prepared to handle all of your plumbing requirements efficiently and effectively. You can rely on us for any plumbing emergencies or installations in these areas.

Furthermore, if you are having issues with your cistern, Endeavour Plumbing can work on that too.

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