Signals That You Have Burst Pipes

Plumbing problems are nothing to mess with and when you think you might have a burst pipe you certainly want to get that taken care of by a professional as soon as possible, but the question is how do you know when your pipe is broken? That is why we are here, with this list of common signals to look out for when it comes to broken pipes you can be on the lookout and hopefully catch the problem before it gets out of hand.

  • Bubbling Noises – When you flush your toilet or go to use your sink, the bubbling noise is created because the air cannot escape to the sewer lines.
  • Whistling Noise – This is an early warning sign of a possible dented pipe, and if you can get it looked at right away you might be able to avoid the headache of dealing with a broken pipe. What happens here is when the pipe becomes dented and is too small for the water to travel through it creates that whistling sound.
  • Banging and/or clanking – loose pipes can bump into one another because the clanking sound you would hear. This banging against one another can cause the pipes to break.
  • Odors – now this particular sign could mean a broken pipe or a clogged pipe, but either way it’s a sign something could be wrong and should be inspected.
  • Sink Holes – if you have soggy areas, puddles, or sink holes in your yard and it hasn’t rained in a while you might want to think about having your pipes inspected. If you have sink holes it’s especially important to remedy them and the underlying issue because these can be dangerous for children and small animals.
  • Frequent Clogs – if you are dealing with clogs more often than is normal for your home you could have a larger issue, that issue being a broken pipe. This can also be true for frequent backups of your drains and laundry machines.
  • Increased water bill – pay attention to your water bill, if your bill should increase suddenly and drastically it could be a good indication of something being wrong with your pipes.

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