Inspecting Your Water Heater

Having hot water is vital for your everyday living. That is why it is important to make sure your hot water system is working perfectly and functioning at its best. Without hot water, you’ll be left without a dishwasher, a washing machine, a hot shower and sink. You’ll be stuck with cold water and that isn’t the most comfortable experience to have. Given its importance, as expert plumbers in Richmond, plumber in Canterbury and plumber in Surrey Hills, we have three vital tips for inspecting your water heater.

  1. Flush out the tank.
    Clearing out the tank is always recommended to make sure that your hot water system is functioning properly. All the sediment that is built inside the tanker will end up blocking up the tanks, and causing it not to work. It is best to do this on a regular basis to ensure that your hot water system is running smoothly.

  2. Inspect the pressure valve.
    Firstly, turn off the power and water to your hot water system. This will help you when it comes checking if the valve is working at its best. When you turn off the valve, water, vapour and air should come out. If they don’t, you’ll need to replace the valve. If you don’t check it, there is a potential that it could explode if there is too much pressure built up behind.

  3. Look at the anode rod.
    This important rod helps to prevent corrosion in the hot water tanker. Unscrew the hex head at the top of the tank and pull out the rod. Two clear signs will indicate that there are problems with the rod: if it has become thinned out or if it has covered in sediment and muck. Replace it immediately.

If you find yourself struggling with your hot water system – electrical or gas – in your Richmond, Canterbury or Surrey Hills home, then you can always call the experts at Endeavour Plumbing. We can conduct the perfect service to return your hot water system back to its premium best at plumber in Melbourne.

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