Four Key Reasons On Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

There is always going to be a point in which your toilet doesn’t work. You might be wondering, what has happened? Well, as professional plumbers with years of experience in toilet repairs and services, we got the four key reasons on why your won’t flush.

  • It is clogged.
    Perhaps the most obvious reason on why your toilet isn’t flushing. There could be a host of reasons why this has occurred but it is important to make sure that you quickly get it unclogged, so you can get using it again.

  • The flapper has reached its end.
    By lifting the toilet lid, you’ll be able to see if the rubber flapper is either bent, warped or broken. Most likely, you will have to replace the flapper to ensure that your toilet is back working to its best.

  • The lift chain isn’t working.
    This “lift” which is attached to the flapper could be weak or not attached properly. You will have to readjust it so that it works better. It is important that this returns back to its proper length and strength to ensure the toilet is working fine.

  • The water level in the tank is too low.
    When it comes to water in your tank, it should be filled one inch below the top of the overflow tube. Anything lower than that could be because the water valve could be turned off. Turn it on and refill it back to its required level.

If you are unsure about what is wrong with your toilet and why it is not flushing, then reach out to the professionals here at Endeavour Plumbing. We have all the experience and knowledge to return your toilet back to its premium condition. We work all across South Yarra, Richmond, Toorak and surrounding areas.

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