Why Should I Hire a Licensed Plumber?

We live in an age of information that’s made it just so easy for many of us to pick up do-it-yourself projects, learn a few things in doing so, and save a few dollars. Many projects around the house are perfectly fine (and productive) for DIYers, but many others shouldn’t be attempted. Most serious plumbing and electrical work fall under this remit.

So what’s safe to DIY for plumbing around the house and what should be left to a professional plumber?

Jobs Safe to DIY

Many minor plumbing fixes are simple enough to DIY without the need for a professional plumber, including:

  • Replacing toilet parts: replacement seals, chains, and fill valves in the toilet’s tank can wear out over time and require replacement. Most hardware shops will carry replacement parts that can be replaced without much effort.
  • Unclogging shower drains and sinks: hair, grease, and other blockages can often be removed with relative ease from shower drains and sinks. Drain cleaning products tend to be quite harsh and should be used sparingly, however, so contact a plumber if you are constantly experiencing blockages.
  • Installing new faucets: replacing a faucet with a new one is pretty straightforward for most homeowners. Remember to shut off the water valve before starting to work and to tighten the faucet so that it’s snug (not too tight, mind).

Jobs Best Left to a Plumber

For most other plumbing jobs around the house, it’s best to use the services of a licensed plumber. Sure, you may have to pay more to have it done professionally, but you’re also getting a service that’s guaranteed and which will last for years to come, which in and of itself can save thousands of dollars over the long term. Some examples include:

  • Interior plumbing: plumbing within your walls, under floorboards, and valves and junction points around the house are best left to a professional.
  • Exterior plumbing: connection points from the municipal water and sewage supply lines require specialised tools and techniques, thus making them ideal for a plumber and not as a DIY project.
  • Renovations: bathroom and kitchen renovations are a great way to breathe fresh life into older rooms of the home, but there will often be a substantial amount of plumbing work required that should be done by professional plumber in Melbourne. Much of the rest of the job is fine to DIY, but ensure that you’ve got a reliable plumber on hand for all of the plumbing work to be done.

Why Hire a Licensed Plumber?

Licensing is important because it signals to the public that the plumber has demonstrated sufficient knowledge and expertise in their field to perform their job safely and effectively.

By putting your trust in a licensed plumber, you can rest assured that they will abide by occupational health and safety guidelines, industry best practices, and use tools and techniques approved by the licensing body.

Lastly, licensed plumbers have a vested interest in performing quality work that is commensurate with the expectations within the industry. You may find some ‘cowboy’ plumbers offering deals too good to be true, and quite often that’s exactly what you’ll get because these so-called plumbers lack the proper licensing to carry out the work. Generally, you get what you pay for, so buyer beware.

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