What To Do When Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush

There is a chance that you might across a toilet that doesn’t work in your house. There is no need to panic or worry if this is the case. Toilets are funny items, but are obviously important items in your home. When something goes wrong, you are stuck with an issue that is embarrassing to sort out. There are of course a few reasons why your toilet could have stopped working, including:

  • Blocked drain and pipe
  • Button is broken
  • Chain connecting to the lever is broken or too loose

Luckily, as experts in all forms of repairing toilets and bringing it back to working properly, we got some vital tips for you for when your toilet doesn’t flush.

  • Check the toilet.Lift the lid and see what is wrong with the toilet. There is a change that it could be something minor that just unlocked and needs to be put back in place. However, if there is something that can’t handle, don’t go ahead and sort it out yourself. There is a chance you could actually make things worse.
  • Use a bucket.It might sound old school, but one of the most effective and efficient ways to making your toilet work without flushing is to use a bucket. Get the the water hot and boiling, fill it up to the brim and slowly tip it in. This will flush down anything that is in the bowl.

Call a professional plumber.

If you are living in Melbourne, and its surrounding areas, including Toorak, South Yarra, Armadale, there is always a chance to find a plumber that can return your toilet back to its working condition. Experts like Endeavour Plumbing, can provide you with all the essential repairs that you need to return your toilet back to its premier working condition.

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