The Four Ways Your Hot Water System Can Break Down

Having a fully functional and working hot water system is vital for your everyday living. You need it to make sure that you can live comfortable in your home. The likes of the shower, the washing machine, the dishwasher and your whole plumbing system depends on it. You will need to make that it is always working. There are though times that your hot water system is going to play up. But what are these issues that your hot water system – electrical or gas – could face? We break down the four most common problems that you might have:

  1. The hot water tank is leaking.
    This highlights there could be a problem somewhere on the tank. You will need to call a professional to sort this little problem out. Letting it go will only see you make it worse over time.

  2. Water is running, but there no hot water.
    Depending if you have a gas or electrical hot water system, there is a distinct problem when it comes to no hot water. With gas, it means that the pilot light is not on and needs to be relight. When it comes to electrical systems, the circuit breaker has been tripped and either needs to be reset or replaced.

  3. No water from the hot tap.
    First step, check if the other tap is working. If it is, then you know it’s only the hot water system and not the plumbing system as a whole. It could be two things: the hot water tank is leaking or there are problems with the pipes. Get back to calling the professionals to help you with the problem.

  4. Noises and gunk.
    If there are gunk coming from the hot water tap or there are smells or noises, then there means there is sediment that has built up over the hot water tank. You will need to flush out the tank to get it working back to pristine order. Once again, the professionals might do the job.

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