Four More Tips For Saving Water In Your Bathroom

As you might have read from our other post, “Thinking About Saving Water In Your Bathroom – 4 Tips”, we know what it takes to deliver the right advice to bring your budget up when it comes to saving money in your bathroom. Along with those four tips, we got another four for you to master, so you can save on the bills on your Brighton, Surrey Hills or Canterbury home. Our pointers include the likes of:

  1. Maximise your bathtub.
    We understand that showers are a more effective way of washing up, but you shouldn’t ignore how much you can save by using your bathtub. Try it out a few time and see how it goes with the budget, bills and your washing routine.

  2. Get a garbage bin in your bathroom.
    This might seem random, but a lot of items like tissues, hair and Q-tips are either flushed down the toilet or down the drain. This is water being wasted on little things where a little more effect can make a big difference. Have a garbage bin in your bathroom and clear it out every once in a while.

  3. Replace your toilet.
    It might sound dramatic, but many older toilets only have the one button option. This is a maximum flush and it is used all the time. By updating to a newer model with a two-button option with both maximum and minimum flush, you will end up saving water when you’re using it.

  4. Call in a plumber.
    Plumbers are great for finding out ways to save money from your bathroom. Speaking to them will provide you with sound advice and a good idea about how things can change. They will also inspect your bathroom to see if there are any problems that could be resulting in your spending more on your water bills.

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