Signs That You Have A Blocked Drain

Owning a home or business can be a very rewarding thing but it can also be a very stressful situation at times, especially when things seem to break or clog every time you turn around. A main key to preventing large problems is finding the small problems when they first pop up, which is why we have developed this list to help you determine if you have a blocked drain early before the real trouble has time to brew.

The most common sign of a blocked drain or plumbing pipe is that water and sewage will be backing up. For example your toilet might not flush as easily, or everything in the bowl might not go down when the toilet is flushed. This could be an early warning sign that there is a clog somewhere along the line. The same is true with sinks, when the water drains slowly or not at all, it can be an early warning sign there is a problem. The blockage can also affect multiple drains at once, so if you notice your tub, shower, sink, and/or toilet are running slowly or backed up at the same time you will want to look into it.

Be aware of trees around your home as well, you wouldn’t think trees would pose a problem but in fact their root systems can get into the underground pipes and cause major issues if left alone. Some early warning signs of tree root problems include slow flowing drains and toilets as well as gurgling noises coming from the toilet bowl. If you have any of these signs it is recommended you seek professional plumbing assistance immediately to prevent serious damage to your pipes at plumber in Melbourne.

Along with backed up drains and toilets other places could be affected since they are on the same pipe system you might have issues with your washing machine, or dishwasher even depending on the severity of the clog. Finally, the last tell tell sign of an issue is the smell, especially when it affects the sewage pipes, there will be a sewage type smell, it’s one of those smells that you know something is wrong somewhere. It’s not pleasant by any means and this smell can come from the pipes inside, drains, or your toilet.

So, if you are experiencing any of this signs it is recommended you seek professional plumbing assistance right away to avoid the issue (if there is one) getting worse and causing more problems and costing more money to fix.

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