My Hot Water System is Leaking: What Do I Do?

Any homeowner knows the struggle of having a leaking water system and the stress that comes with it. Of course, your best bet is calling your plumbing company when things go wrong and make sure they arrive as soon as possible.

That being said, what else should you be doing when your hot water system leaks? And how can you help the situation before your professional plumbers arrive? Here’s what you should consider doing for safety and efficiency.

Turn off your home’s water supply

If you have a leak, you should make sure to cut off the water supply to your hot water tank. That’s because it doesn’t do much use if you’re going to have a water system fixed and water continues to pour out of the leaking area. If your hot water tank is broken or if you can’t turn it off, you should find the valve that turns off the water in your entire home. If you can’t find either valve, though, you can always contact your reliable plumber in Melbourne for assistance.

Turn off your power supply 

This is especially important if you have an electric water heater. If you want to turn off the electricity that runs through your home, you can turn right toward the breaker and flip the switch. This will ensure that your water system cannot heat up. You should never have your power supply on when you’re performing repairs in your home. This can be hazardous for your home and for your safety in general. 

Turn off your gas supply

If you have a gas water heater, you should consider turning off your gas supply before your professional team arrives. That’s because you can cause serious damage to your home and to your own health if the gas supply continues to run. You can turn off your gas supply by finding the valve that’s attached to your gas line. 

Find the leak 

This will help tremendously when the professional team you’ve called arrives. We often find that leaks come from the pipes that connect to the water tank. That’s why you should look over your inlet and your outlet. 

If you haven’t found the leak, you should look over your pressure valve because it may release water when the pressure becomes too intense. While you’re at it, you should consider checking your water pressure to make sure it’s at a good level. 

If you truly cannot find the source of your hot water system’s leak, you should try to look at the bottom of your tank. That’s because you might be looking around for a leak around your water tank and you should really be looking at the bottom of it. 


A leaking water system in your home is a valid concern for the household. Avoiding the problem or waiting too long to repair a leaking water system can lead to issues like mould growth in your home, which has hazards and dangers of its own. That’s why our professionals at Endeavour Plumbing provide a fast and efficient 24-hour emergency service and cover a wide area of Melbourne suburbs.

If you have any questions about your water supply, you’re in the right hands with Endeavour Plumbing. Contact us for any questions regarding your plumbing and suspected leak issues. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you with all your plumbing needs!

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