How to Know if You Need Emergency Plumbing

Do you suspect a leak in your home? Have you noticed that you have plumbing issues or that your toilet doesn’t flush properly? Before you resort to panic, take a deep breath and know that these are problems that can be easily and quickly fixed with genuine, professional plumber in Melbourne.

There is of course, a difference in cost for simple jobs that only concern a small area of the home and bigger, more urgent problems, like a severe leak. Nothing beats the embarrassment and lost time of a false alarm when your leak was actually just a faucet left loose or a forgotten spill.

That’s why it can be good to get an idea of whether or not  it’s a leaky emergency plumbing situation, in advance of arranging plumbing so that you can prepare according. Here are the signs to look out for to suss out if you need emergency plumbing.

Your Water Meter

Checking your water meter is a good way to determine whether you have a leak in your home. To check your water meter, you should turn off all the water in your home. Your water meter will usually be outside, so you can check it to see if the leak meter is moving. If it is, then you know that you have a leak.

Another way to determine if you have a leak is to check your meter, keep your water turned off for an hour or two, and go back to look at your meter. If you see that there’s been a change in levels, you know that you have a leak somewhere.

Is the leak inside or outside?

Determining where your leak is located can greatly help your plumber when he or she is trying to fix the situation. To find out, you need to turn off your water in your home.

Find out where your leak is

Now that you know whether your leak is inside or outside, you need to find out where it is. To do so, you can do a sweep of your home. If you have water stains on carpets or walls, then this is a very obvious and common sign that you have a water leak.

You should open your cabinets and look under your sink pipes. If you see that the shelving has been discoloured or warped, you have a leak. You should also look at the area where your washing machine is connected, because this is a common area to get a leak.

Check your toilet

The majority of the water you use comes from your toilet. That’s why you need to make sure that you don’t have a leaking toilet; this will cost you extensively in water costs.

You can find this out easily by simply adding food colouring to your tank. After a 10 minutes you should check your tank again and if the food colouring is less pigmented or if there isn’t any left at all, then you know that you have a toilet leak.

If you have a problem with your sewage system and you find a leak, you could have a black water problem and this would mean you need emergency plumbing services right away.


Having a leak in your home can be a rather costly expense. That’s why your first instinct might be to call a plumber. Still, there are measures you can take in advance; check your toilet, find out whether your leak is inside or outside, where exactly it is, and check your water meter, to prepare yourself and to determine whether these emergency services are needed. This will make your plumber’s job easier and might save you some money if you’re being billed hourly.

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