Thinking About Saving Water In Your Bathroom?

As experts in plumbing, we know all the tricks of the trade and how you can save money in the end of the day. When it comes to bathroom – the most important room when it comes to water saving – we got a few valuable tips that you can apply to your Brighton, Surrey Hills or Canterbury home. This tips include:

  1. Use a bowl instead of letting the tap running.
    When it comes to shaving, brushing your teeth or washing your face, use a bowl. Fill it to the top and use it instead of letting the tap run endlessly. You’ll end up saving more money than you can expect.

  2. Set a timer for shower time.
    People have a tendency to spend a long time in the shower (who doesn’t enjoy it?), but you will end up wasting heaps of water in the process, and in the long run, that means more money. Set a timer for around 10 minutes and when it done, call it then and there.

  3. Maximise your bucket.
    When you put on your shower and wait for the water to warm up, you end up wasting water. The same applies with little leaks. Get your bucket and place it under these situations and you will end up collecting water that you can use later. This is money wasted so it’s best that you actually use the water for something.

  4. Check and fix any leaks.
    You will be surprised at the amount of times little leaks happen in a bathroom and no one repairs it. Over time, these little leaks pile up and will end up costing more on your bills. Call in a plumber to check out your bathroom to make sure that any leaks in your bathroom are repaired.

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