Steps to Take When You Notice a Burst Pipe

Reacting quickly after a pipe bursts can help save money and prevent extensive damage from occurring in your home. The following are things you should do as soon as you notice a burst pipe, even before making a call to Endeavour Plumbing.

Stop The Water

The first thing you should do when a pipe bursts is to stop the water. This means you will need to locate the water mains on your property and turn off the tap that is connected to the water main. This will stop all water coming into your property. If you are unsure where the water mains tap is located, your plumbing contractor can show you during your next routine maintenance appointment. Alternatively, you can phone the water supply company and ask them to check their systems and inform you of its location.

Remove All Traces of Water from the Pipes

Once you have turned off the water mains to your property, the next step is to drain the pipes. This might sound a little odd considering you’ve turned off the water. But by draining the pipes you are able to get all the sitting water out of the pipes and therefore prevent any further leaks. To drain the pipes, you just need to turn on the tap for a few moments. This will run out any water that is remaining in your pipes. Do this until no water comes out of the tap.

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Collect the Water

If you are unable to stop the leak with turning off the water, it’s important that you collect any leaking water with buckets so that you are not further damaging your property.

Air Out Your Property

Depending on the severity of the burst pipe, your carpets, walls and personal items will need to be properly dried out in order to prevent the accumulation of mould and mildew. We recommend opening windows and doors and avoid overheating the affected area.

Identify Leaks Before They Cause a Problem

You can prevent burst water pipes before they happen if you keep an eye out for leaks. A slow moving drain, high water pressure and clogged toilets are some of the signs that you have a leak or blockage in your pipes. It’s also recommended that you check your floors and ceilings from time to time to check for water marks.

Speak to Your Insurance Provider

Depending on the degree of the water damaged caused by your burst pipe you might want to get in touch with your insurance provider. Photographs and notes recording the extent of the damage will help you immensely when it comes time to make an insurance claim.

Call Endeavour Plumbing

Some individuals have the knowledge to fix a broken or leaking pipe on their own. However, if you are not comfortable with fixing it, give Endeavour plumbing a call on 0403 531 071. We can help you with repairing and replacing your burst or broken pipes.

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