Leaks and Pest: What To Do

One of the lesser known side-effects of having a plumbing leaks in your home is the arrival of pests. Pests and rodents, just like humans, need water to survive. So what happens when your home is filled with leaking water? Pests and rodents are going to come roaring into your home before you know it, regardless if you live in Brighton, Armadale or Richmond. So how do you go about getting rid of the pests, while dealing with a leak in your home?

  • Spot the pests and rodents.
    If you are noticing an increase in pests and rodents in your home, then you know that there is potential that a leak has occurred in your home. Pests and rodents are going to be close to live water, so if you find that there plenty of gross cockroaches in your bathroom, chances are the leak is there.

  • Find the leak.
    Most leaks are visible and will clear for you. In this sense, if your showerhead is leaking or your bathroom tap, pests and rodents will be drawn there. Also keep an eye on where the pests are located, as this will give you an indication on where the leak will be there.

What to do now?

Firstly, you have to get rid of all the pests. Most people probably do not want to start to fix up their leaks when they are surrounded by disgusting and disease-carrying pests and rodents. So the first step in this process is to make sure that all the pest and rodents are eliminated. If you confident if you can do it yourself. If not there is always the chance to call in a professional pest controller.

From there, it is about repairing the leaks. If it is a something that is easy, you can attempt to do it yourself. However, there is always a chance that the leak could be just a sign of bigger problem that is occurring in your internal plumbing system. Look to a professional of the likes of Endeavour Plumbing to help you with all your leaks or issues.

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