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High Water Bill Solutions

Many times I receive calls from panicked clients about high water bills, the first thing I let the worried customer know is to not panic, because if the cause of the problem was something you were not aware of, the water company is usually able to drop the charge back to the normal price.

Usually I instruct the customer to check their toilet cisterns as they sometimes have a slight leak into the toilet pan, their hot water system overflow because if the valve is running it sometimes disposes into garden areas which are hard to see, also check air-condition pipes and fittings as these sometimes are leaking onto the roof, and last of wall check the soil around the propery and under the house for any split pipes which may be leaking.

Whether you find the cause yourself or need the plumber to find it, you will need a invoice/report from a licensed plumber to hopefully get a refund on the high bill.

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