Common Toilet Problems: Simple Fix or Call a Specialist?

Clogged toilets are a common plumbing problem. Unfortunately, simply using a plunger won’t always solve the problem and you may need to dig a little deeper to eliminate the source of the blockage. Furthermore, many common toilet problems can arise that are not related to a simple blockage.

Whether you can do it yourself or need to call a specialist such as Endeavour plumbing comes down to how serious of a clog or drainage problem you’re dealing with. 

Clogged Toilet

By far the most common problem stems from a clog in your toilet. Perhaps you’ve flushed too much toilet paper or flushed something down that doesn’t belong in the toilet. Regardless, these types of problems may be an easy fix to do yourself with a simple toilet plunger.

A quick tip for unclogging toilets with a plunger is to use a good quality flange plunger. These differ from your everyday plunger because they have a rubber flap protruding from the bottom, which gives greater suction and can allow you to unclog toilets where the blockage comes from deeper down.

If the problem can’t be solved with a good plunger and some elbow grease, chances are that the clog is originating from deeper within the plumbing. Specialised equipment such as a toilet snake can be used to eliminate clogs deep down and a qualified plumber has the expertise and equipment to do this for you quickly and efficiently.


Water flowing over the toilet bowl can be a very serious problem if left neglected. If you’re noticing that the toilet bowl is overflowing, clean up the water immediately. Water damage can promote the growth of mould and bacteria, as well as a foul odour.

The first solution is to remove the toilet lid and to press down on the valve located on the bottom of the tank. Doing so will cut off the flow of water to the toilet bowl. Once you’ve done this, be sure to pull up on the float. This will prevent the bowl from overflowing, and after around one minute should restore the water level to normal.

Once you’ve stemmed the flow of water, begin plunging to remove any blockages that may be present. Often, this problem results from septic or plumbing problems deeper down and may, therefore, require the assistance of a qualified plumber.

Noisy or Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet keeps making noise after it’s been flushed, the problem may be a simple fix. Pull off the lid and check that the flapper is making full contact with the hole that allows water to properly flow into the bowl. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the flapper or chain may be damaged and in need of replacement.

Another common problem is the handle being loose. Adjust the flushing handle to ensure that it isn’t too loose and allowing the tank to constantly refill unnecessarily. The chain which attaches to the handle may be dislodged, or it may need replacement if it isn’t solving the problem at first.

Leaky Toilet

Leaks are unpleasant and can, unfortunately, come from many different places that can be difficult to identify. If you’re able to identify the source of the leak, it can be a simple fix. Minor leaks can be solved with a simple DIY job but if your troubleshooting doesn’t work be sure to call a professional plumber.  

If you can’t find the source of the leak or are unsure about how to fix it, call Endeavour Plumbing and we’ll come down and have your toilet up and running again.

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