When to Call a Commercial Plumber for Your Business

Running a business has plenty of challenges. From remaining profitable and competitive to ensuring that your employees are happy and productive, there’s often little time to personally look after precarious tasks like plumbing. 

Much like at an auto mechanic, most business owners only turn to plumbers when there’s a noticeable problem with their business’ plumbing rather than taking preventative measures to keep your plumbing system well-maintained. Unfortunately, this behaviour can lead to costly repairs when plumbing problems are neglected, and incidents like backflow or leaky pipes can result in you having to shut down your business whilst repairs take place.

Luckily, that’s where Endeavour Plumbing can help. Our qualified experts can help you rectify plumbing problems at your business and provide you with professional service and routine maintenance of your plumbing. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency or maintaining your systems to avoid one, contact us today.

Running Water Sounds

If you or an employee notices the sound of running water despite having all the faucets off and the water closet being unoccupied, it’s possible that there’s a leaky pipe somewhere in the plumbing. Leaks should be a sign to contact a plumber immediately, because a leak left to its own devices can create rot, mould, bacterial growth, and is a waste of natural resources.

Spikes in Water Bills

Related to the previous point, noticeable increases in your water bill may be correlated to a leaky pipe. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, nor have you heard the sound of running water, but there may be small leaks deeper in your plumbing that are causing the increase in your water bill.

Leaks are Visible

An obvious sign of a burst or leaky pipe is when you see puddling or water stains on your walls or ceiling. Even floors can appear this way if the plumbing runs under your flooring. It’s likely that you’ll have to tear out the damaged area and replace it afterwards. Water stained structural elements may not only be compromised, but they’ll also attract mould and bacteria, which subsequently can lead to respiratory illnesses for you and your employees.

Toilet Clogs

For businesses with many employees, toilets see a fair share of use when compared to residential toilets. Unclogging a toilet from time to time is usually not a problem. Frequently clogged toilets, however, may require the assistance of a plumber to properly rectify.

The solution to a clogged toilet should always at first be to use a flanged plunger to remove any blockage near the bowl. If this doesn’t work, the blockage may be coming from deeper within the plumber in Melbourne. Plumbers can normally unclog the toilet in this case with the aid of a toilet snake, which can reach much further into the toilet than a typical household toilet plunger can.

Poor Drainage

If you’re using drains in your place of work, such as in a restaurant kitchen or walk-in cooler, it’s important that they’re able to adequately handle any runoff sufficiently. Not only is puddling around the drain a workplace hazard (slipping), but stagnant water also attracts bacteria and insects. In the food industry, you’ll want to avoid this situation at all costs.

Like a clogged toilet, drains can gradually slow down over time as more and more debris finds its way and blocks the efficient flow of water through the plumbing. There are commercial products available that can be poured into drains to unclog them, but it’s often more effective to contact a plumber to thoroughly unclog the drains at their source and have them running just like new.

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