Burst Pipe in Your Business? What You Can Do

Whether at home or at your place of business, a burst pipe can cause a real headache. Burst pipes at the workplace can be particularly hazardous, however, because they can happen when we least expect it and affect employees and customers alike in the moment or in the following days, weeks, and months if not properly treated.

The main reason a burst pipe in the workplace causes so many problems is twofold: the initial burst pipe can cause injury and distress, but this can be followed by sustained damage from flooding. Flooding can cause significant damage to plasterboard and structural elements as well as to the health and safety of customers and employees from mould and bacteria.

If your business has experienced a burst pipe, here’s what you can do:

  • Shut Off the Water Supply

If you or your employees are present when the pipe has burst, it’s a good thing provided that they’re safe and sound because they’ll be able to respond quickly – and they should. The first step is to identify your property stop tap or to have your local water supply or a plumber turn it off.

If you’ve got an internal valve which controls the water supply, you can usually turn this valve clockwise to shut off water on your premises without affecting adjacent businesses and without much of a problem. In many cases, however, an external stop tap requires a plumber, even in emergencies. These valves are usually located outdoors and may control the water supply of all businesses to which it’s connected – not only yours.

  • Remove Standing Water

Burst pipes can release quite a bit of water in short order simply due to the pressure under which the water is being released. Even in cases where the water supply was turned off quickly (the ideal case), a significant amount of puddling can occur, creating stagnant water within your business.

Standing water is a hazard since it can attract mould and rot away at the structure, thus posing a real threat if not removed quickly. A wet vacuum can work wonders at removing smaller puddles, but professional plumbers should be called in if the damage is anything more than a small puddle. It’s a good idea to ring plumber in Melbourne nevertheless to assess and remediate damage.

  • Contact a Reputable Plumber Sooner Rather Than Later

Every minute counts when a burst pipe has been detected at your place of business. It may be wise to close operations whilst the plumber is resolving the problem so as not to put yourself, your employees, and your customers at risk. Although shutting the doors for an afternoon may be bad for business, dealing with the problem later will certainly be very bad for business later on as black mould and allergens may have had time to accumulate within plasterboard and floorboards.

Act soon and get in touch with a reputable plumber right away. Since burst pipes can happen all hours of the day or night, it’s best that you get in touch with a plumber that can respond quickly at all hours.

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