5 Tips on How to Safely Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Many Australians are looking to remodel and freshen up their homes, whether to add value to the home, create more comfortable or stylish living spaces, or simply to add functionality and breathe new life into old bathrooms.

Many bathroom remodelling projects do not involve tinkering with the plumbing at all. Think of painting, drilling holes to install a vanity or towel rack, etc. With the help of a few YouTube tutorials, many homeowners can DIY these jobs themselves. But any project that does involve plumbing work should involve at the very minimum a consultation with a reputable plumber in Melbourne.

Not only is there a risk of causing serious damage should you install a fixture improperly or fail to properly seal a fixture, for example, but you could end up putting yourself in danger. Just like how you should always hire an electrician for home electrical work (just about anything more complex than changing a light bulb), you should similarly contact a local plumber if your bathroom remodel involves any plumbing work.

  • Spend More on Plumbing for Long Term Gains

Perhaps the most important consideration for more complex bathroom remodels is the aspect of plumbing. It is possible to do some minor plumbing fixes yourself, but if ever you need to replace or move a shower drain, relocate a toilet, or work with any plumbing connection points, leave the job to a qualified plumber. What you end up paying more for upfront will pay itself off in the long run, so think of it as a smart investment.

  • Minimise Tile Installation

Tiles are a wonderful, clean, hygienic touch to just about any bathroom, but tile installation can be quite labour intensive and costly. If you have cost constraints for your remodel, first consider only installing tiles on the floor and opt for paint on the walls instead of tilework.

  • Shower/Tub: Replace or Refurbish?

One major upgrade worthy of consideration is to replace your bathtub or shower with a newer, more fresh design. This can also cost quite a bit, especially when you consider tearing out any existing tilework and grout and replacing with new tiles, installing glass doors, and so on.

Rather than replacing your current tub or shower, you could freshen up the bathroom aesthetically by simply repainting the walls and tilework and adding decorative elements. Even window shutters which let more natural sunlight in can be an incredible touch without necessitating costly shower replacement.

  • Focus on Fixtures

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to remodel your bathroom and to change its style is to look into fixtures. New light bulbs, towel racks, shelving units, faucets, handles and knobs are relatively inexpensive and can add elegance and style.

In terms of functionality, consider changing showerheads with newer, less water-intensive low flow heads to reduce your water bill and without having to modify the existing shower, for example.

  • Buy Vintage/Used

There’s nothing wrong with buying vintage or used bathroom products or fixtures, but it may take a little bit of searching online or at a second-hand shop. Vintage mirrors, shelving units, and towel racks can be picked up for a fraction of what they would cost new, but you can also find some rare gems in styles that may be harder to find at your local big box stores.

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