5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Plumber

Choosing a commercial plumber for your business doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead, look for the following five things when searching for a reputable commercial plumber near you:

  • A Good Quote (Or Two)

It always pays to shop around when it comes to getting a reliable plumber for your commercial business. Always ask your prospective plumber about their rates if it isn’t made clear already on their website, or better yet ask for a quote. A reputable plumber should have no issue giving you a fairly accurate quote if they have a reasonably good idea of what it is they need to do.

Don’t hesitate to request a quote from plumbers in Melbourne, either. It may be tempting to choose your plumber from amongst the lowest quotes, but don’t let price be the only determining factor and instead consider their attention to detail. An accurate quote with fair prices for parts and labour usually indicates that the plumber is experienced enough to understand the problem and to get it fixed right the first time.

  • Reputation is King

Cowboys are great in spaghetti westerns, but not so great in the world of trade work such as plumbing. Reputation is amongst the most important factors in determining the quality of a commercial plumber, so always ensure that your commercial plumber has got years of experience in the industry.

Not only does a good reputation set apart the real, registered and qualified plumbers from the cowboys, but it also (for the same reason) ensures that your plumber has a commitment to strive for excellent service in order to retain that reputation.

  • Get References

Following on the previous point, a good plumber won’t be afraid to provide testimonials and references upon request (and with the consent of the previous customers). This can help give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a reputable plumber and not a shady so-called ‘plumber’ with perhaps no qualifications at all.

  • Insurance and Liability

No matter how qualified and experienced the plumber, anything can go wrong. If the unfortunate does occur, you’ll need to ensure that the plumber has sufficient insurance coverage to get the job done without going out of business. In Australia, it’s standard practice to have public liability insurance, so it really isn’t a concern for a qualified plumber, but it remains problematic for cowboy plumbers who often have no insurance whatsoever. Caveat emptor ‘buyer beware.’

  • Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Services

Plumbing for residential homes is similar in many ways to commercial businesses, except when it’s not. Ensure that your plumber has adequate knowledge of how to work with drains, pipes, and plumbing systems on commercial properties and not just on residential homes.

The plumbers at Endeavour Plumbing have a wide range of experience and services appropriate for maintaining and repairing plumbing systems in factories, retail shops, warehouses, office spaces, and more. We’ve got over 40 years of experience serving commercial clients in Melbourne and Toorak, so rest assured that we’re well-established in the community and committed to superb customer satisfaction through quality plumbing.

Endeavour Plumbing

If you’re looking for a quality commercial plumber in greater Melbourne, look no further than the friendly experts at Endeavour Plumbing. Give us a ring today for your commercial plumbing needs.

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